2022 // DesignTO

Adrian Chiu, Weeney Lin, Jiadi Dai, Lydia Xia, Jan Hendrikse, Deepakshi Mittal, Jake Farquharson, Michael Salib, Nathan Choi, Andrew McDonald, Jordan Gilbert Crowder, Max Perry, Sophie Wang, Aaron Wong, Valentina Martiri, Mattan Jin, Janet Li, Courtney Lee
(murmur) is an encapsulation of the subtle methods of calls and responses between organisms both biotic and manmade. Murmurs are soft indistinct sounds made by groups to communicate while also being discreet. It is inspired by the form and movement found in nature from the fluttering of petals to the expansion and contraction of marine organisms floating in the deep sea. Like a beacon in abyssal darkness, the creatures signal each other with blinks of luminescence as if communicating in Morse as they slowly drift up and down in an entropic trance. In the long cold winter nights, the installation acts akin to a lighthouse calling sailors home, beckoning the people passing by to enter, placing the store as the ‘Port Haven’ of a community collective. As people come closer to the installation, (murmur) begins to murmur, the collective begins to become active and alive, agitated from the presence of a foreign entity. In this way (murmur) becomes a measure of life in the store, drawing energy and spirit from it's curious viewers and projecting it out into the city.