2017 // Nuit Blanche
Team: Emily Guo, Jacqueline Chow, Cam Parkin, Joel Piecowye, Chris Chan,  Kelley Gu, Isabella Suppa, Tanvi Kundliwal, Maria Smirnova, Bennet Oh, Anastasia Jaffray, Rory Sibley, Victor Zagabe, Sarah Mason, Hagop Terzian, Alina Turean, Amanda Parkinson, Natash Semenova, Hannah Mete, Kirsten Sheppard, Madeleine Lachance, Monty de Luna, Daniel Abad, Jonas Chin, Wesley Chu, Michelle Piotrowski, Amina Lalor, Michelle Bullough, Leo Liu

With Music By: Nicholas Lupescu

This installation, produced in conjunction with the theme “Many Possible Futures” of Nuit Blanche 2017, features an undulating fabric canopy onto which is projected computationally generated flickering projections of stars and the northern Canadian night sky. Visitors can pass underneath the canopy and see the projected stars contrasted against Toronto’s own unfortunate, light-polluted night sky.