Sky City

2014 // Nuit Blanche

Stephen Ru, Sean Yang, Alexander Siu, Logan Steele, Justin Jones, Will Fu
Sky City is an exploration and imagining of spaces of the future. Sky City defines a spacial dichotomy between physical materials and virtual softwares. 

The growth of our digital age promises a future where our spaces exists within the physcial and virtual realities. We hypothesize future spaces that will think, sense and react to changes in the environment, occupancy and time. Sky City is a rendering of our vision. 

The cloud form allows us to produce a variety of compressive and expansive spaces both vertically and horizontally within the confines of the exterior steel structure. LED strips are wrapped around the contours of the ribs and lit via sensor when a pedestrian crosses its path. The ribs are light marking the transition of people as they make their way through the space.

Fabric is draped on top and on the underside of the ribs to create an soft interior and form a floating mass that is suspended from the structure waist height leaving a clear ground plane. This was done intentionally to stimulate a skyward intensity. SKY CITY hopes to suggest future environments while creating a social hub of discussion and point of gathering.