2018 // Unsilent Night

Shabaan Khokhar, Aleks Gontarz, Nima Karami, Christopher Hardy, Adele Strub, Glenn Lu, Angelina Zheng, Gwen del Rosario, Jennifer Chen, Max Perry, Shabaan Khokhar, Marco Adly, Nilojan Jegatheeswaran
Rhizome aims to promote congregation, interaction and movement through a transitional space. True to its namesake, a biological network of communication between plants, Rhizome is a series of tree-like structures that are unified by a web of receptive LED technology. Rhizome’s core “tree” is stabilized by a base of six, fin-like structures, reinforced by rings. Sound introduced to each “branch: through conversation, for example will trigger a series of light responses throughout this artificial “forest”. With colours, pulses, and patterns travelling down each distinct path of the structure, users will experience the social, visual and spatial impact of coming together.