2019 // Unsilent Night

Wayne Yan, Vincent Min, CJ Yang, Alice Huang, Levi Van Weerden, Kenneth Siu, Celia He, Aleks Gontarz, Ethan Schwartz, Gwen del Rosario, Jessica Chan, Justina Yang, Mary Ma, Michelle Dingley, Phyllis Lam, Shanze Shahbaze, Steven Lin, Winston Yew, Shabaan Khokhar, Zhoya Kahn, Emily Li, Kayla Estacio, Yi Ming Wu
Setup Crew:
Florence Ma, Isabel Ochoa, Jessica Hanzelkova, Kelley Gu, Marco Chow, Nathaniel Scheffler, Saadman Ahmed, Simone Leroux
This installation aims to create a looking glass portal reminiscing on the collective memory of the town of Galt. Glitch asks how we might see our future selves as well as dwell on our past history. A series of semi-translucent panels projected with interactive images responds to the activity of the visitors, modifying their perspective to match their surroundings. Distortion methods activated through participatory interactions will modify the temporal world that is created at the center of Main Street Bridge. Utilizing the urban significance of the site, Glitch invites those who wander at night to engage with virtual projections of imagined futures and reflective pasts.