2016 // Nuit Blanche

Alexandra Sermol, Emerson-Vargas Niño, Nicole Rak, Julia Nakanishi, Joshua Macdonald, Michelle Lin, Zach Ropel-Morski, Felix Yang, Thomas Noussis, Bianca Weeko Martin, Laura Di Fiore, Josephine Guan, Tony Kogan, Kate Brownlie, Severyn Romanskyy
The contemporary city is a space of sensory overload. On this night in particular, crowds will be exposed to a cacophony of stimulation: from imagery and noise, to movement and smell. Cushion will provide a cushioned ‘media-womb’ where visitors can reflect in isolation and comfort. 

Enter a refuge from the chaos - alleyway turned into a place of contemplation by otherworldly sculptures of plastic and air. These huddled scultpures react to your presence in a dialogue of the senses. They will respond to changes in light from your shadow, pressure from your touch, or the sound of your voice as you move between them. 

Find a moment of pause from the overwhelming speed of information outside. Allow your thoughts to wander amidst these contemporary forms with shifting expressions.