2020 // Winter Illumination

Christopher Hardy, Adrian Chiu, Cynthia Eng, Cindy Jiang, Juliana Jiang, Peter Kwak, Carlo Rosel, Shanze Shabhaz, Joel Wan, Alexandra Yeung
The studio at the School of Architecture seems to be a place that never sleeps. Taxis come in and out into the early hours of the morning. Some students work late, some come in early, and the lights of the space are always on – with people moving around and working together. The busy-ness of the campus, the activity at the Riverside Gallery, and Melville’s bustling regular fare inject life into the wonderfully quiet community of Galt. Aura wants to bring the light and life back into the school, by finding creative and safe ways to let the residents interact with the School of Architecture building again. By connecting to a webpage through visible QR codes along the bridge and exterior of the building at the ground level, individuals will be able to send in voice notes that influence and change the projected imagery through the detection and analysis of volume, pitch and rhythm. This interactivity uses a wide variety of lighting methods to create an interesting and constantly changing display of lights for everyone to experience from a safe distance.